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For snow temperatures from -4° to -12°

Iron for best results. 

After approx. 30 to 45 minutes, remove and brush out. 


The FFC line consists of flour-free high-performance waxes that are based on complex antistatic and nanotechnologies and are suitable for all competition classes. It is easy to process and offers a wide range and an excellent price-performance ratio. The FFC line contains three types of waxes: baseprep, gliding waxes and rub-ons.


The function of gliding waxes is to increase speed on snow. The FFC line contains three gliding waxes with wide temperature ranges. Each wax is excellent in its temperature range and will work even a few degrees outside the recommended temperature range.

The FFC block waxes are ideally applied by ironing. 

Dominator FFC 2 B

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