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Make new tracks, be faster, be the first. There is nothing like it, whether you are skiing the first descent or arriving at the finish to applauding spectators, every athlete longs for this feeling. How to get there? Commitment, willingness to take risks, use of resources to achieve your goals. For almost three decades - since day one - we have been dedicated to developing the latest wax technology. We spent our time making it easier for the wax user to succeed, and we succeeded.


DOMINATOR Wax was founded in 1993 with the aim of combining excellence, ease of use, user safety and low costs through innovation.

Founder and developer Thanos Karydas is an avid skier and snowboarder with a PhD in chemistry and more than 50 international patents and publications. Our research and manufacturing facilities are located in the Northeast United States and the waxes are distributed worldwide.


Some of our biggest concerns at DOMINATOR are the health and safety of our users and protecting our environment. In 1994, we demonstrated that we were 20 years ahead of other wax manufacturers when it came to health and environmental concerns by introducing C6 fluorides. Our C6 fluorowaxes contain undetectable levels of the PFOA toxin, unlike the polluting and toxic C8 fluorowaxes that were until recently available from other companies. Along with the launch of our C6 fluoro waxes, we have published wax room safety guidelines.

Unlike other major wax manufacturers, we have complied with environmental laws by obtaining EPA approval for our fluorinated waxes before introducing them to the US market.




DOMINATOR's focus is competition and we maintain close relationships and testing programs with top teams and technicians in all areas of snow sports. Thanos has become familiar with the challenges facing technicians, having worked as a technician at four Olympic Games and dozens of World Cups in most disciplines. Today DOMINATOR offers products designed for every level from world championship to recreational use. Our waxes make DOMINATOR an excellent product in all ski disciplines, regions and venues. We will continue to innovate and offer products that meet the changing needs of snow sports without compromising the safety of users and the environment.

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