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For snow temperatures of -7° and warmer


Apply a thin layer, preferably with a brush or cloth. Wait at least 30 to 60 minutes. Polish well with a Fibertex pad, hand cork or rotor fleece and brush thoroughly. 


The FFC flour-free pastes are based on the latest technology and are suitable for all competition classes. Paste waxes are a great addition to your wax box as they offer the following benefits:

- They can be applied on site, allowing the wax to be selected based on current snow conditions,

- You avoid the risk of belgags and ski damage that can occur in excessive heat

- Ironing wax requires a lot of equipment (workbench, ski tensioner, iron, etc.) Paste waxes only require a polishing pad or brush, making it convenient for travel and the starting area.  

Dominator FFC 2 paste

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