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For snow temperatures of -7° and colder

For natural or artificial snow that is at least 3 days old. 


Legacy waxes are the fluorinated racing blends used by the Dominator Race Service Team. They were developed for optimal performance without regard to cost and have contributed to more than 100 Olympic, World Championship and WC medals.


Legacy waxes are designed to cover an extremely wide temperature range to increase success in uncertain snow conditions on race day. They are available as block waxes and as pastes. 

The Old Snow Waxes work best on rounder transformed crystals, on snow that is typically three days or older. The New Snow waxes work best on falling snow and on snow that is up to three days old and not yet converted.

All Legacy fluoro waxes are based on C6 fluorocarbons and comply with FIS and environmental regulations regarding PFOA values. 

Dominator Legacy Q1

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