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Race Rocket, medium fluorinated rub on wax set with a black block for fresh snow up to two days old, a gray block older than two days and two synthetic blocks.

After the hot wax has been removed and brushed out, rub the appropriate rocket block onto the base and cork it. Don't brush. Very useful for refreshing wax between runs and at multirun events. 


The Dominator Flour Overlays are applied over the glide waxes to increase speed and durability. They can be used over flour or flour-free lubricating waxes on almost all types of snow (except extremely cold, dry snow). Only minimal amounts of overlay are required per application, making it very economical to use. The overlays produced after 2015 are based on C6 fluorocarbons and comply with the regulations of the FIS and the Environmental Agency with regard to PFOA values. 

Dominator Race Rocket

SKU: DOM61668431365
20 Grams
Sales Tax Included
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