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Anti-static, soft rub on wax with high water repellency, a fluorine-free version of the very popular Dominator Butter.

It is designed for very wet snow at high air temperatures. If you can make a snowball that stays together, you have ideal Elite W conditions. Typically these conditions are met at air temperatures of -3° and warmer.

After the gliding wax has been brushed out, apply a very thin layer of ELITE W by rubbing the wax block very lightly on the surface. Work into the base with white Fibertex until the pad can move freely on the base. If not, you have used too much. Brush well with a medium-strength brush, but do not polish, as a slightly rough wax film is best suited to very wet snow.

One ELITE W bar is enough for 90 pairs of skis or 75 snowboards, so the cost per use is very low.

Elite W 40g

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