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Psycho New Snow Paste 100g 

-14° and colder

For falling natural or artificial snow and for snow that is up to three days old. 


Snow friction begins to become very high at snow temperatures below -15°C, and early polar explorers sledding across the Arctic compared snow friction to that of sand. Using the right wax in extremely cold conditions can provide a significant competitive advantage. The Psycho extremely cold waxes are designed to prevent the high abrasion and electrostatic charge associated with very low snow temperatures. Very cold waxes require higher iron temperatures and a good iron with a precise thermostat. They must be used with caution to avoid heat damage to the surface. To eliminate the risk of damage to the base due to excessive heat, Psycho waxes are also available in paste form. While the PSYCHO paste waxes are less durable than the hot wax versions, they are easier to apply and their use does not pose any risk to the flooring.


The Psycho waxes can be used alone in your temperature range or just near the edge, in higher snow temperatures, to protect the base near the edge when the snow is very aggressive. To protect the base near the edge, a thin layer of Psycho is applied along the edge, then the other wax is dripped over the rest of the base and both waxes are ironed together. 

Dominator Psycho New Snow Paste

SKU: 61668431604
100 Grams
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